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Why should I care about the footer?

A footer is the bottom section of your website, a component that typically receives the least amount of design attention. As the name implies, it’s not making the first impression (like the hero section) but in many cases, but it’s the last thing they see before they leave your site. Typically, this area is bare-bone

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3 Must Have Chrome Extensions

As a web designer and developer, I spend the majority of my day online. Time is of the essence, so if I can find tools that shave off a few seconds on a task, it’s a big win. Within Google Chrome, you can install “extensions”, which essentially allow you to customize the browser and make

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What Is Your Brand Personality?

Project kick-offs involve several cornerstone activities that each play a significant role throughout your endeavor. One of the most critical tasks is defining your brand personality. Make no mistake, this isn’t YOUR personality, it’s how your customers will perceive your service or product. I’m not a fan of big, long, wordy requirement documents, so I

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3 Essential Tips When Choosing Your WordPress Theme

Hands-down, WordPress is one of the most popular content management services on the market. Countless articles and theme stores with stunning displays make the process look tremendously easy. Live mock-up sites allow you to stroll through the content effortlessly. If that isn’t enough there are literally over a thousand different themes available for purchase. With

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5 Steps to Increase Website Conversions with Contact Form

In an earlier blog post, we talked about how to identify your brand personality . A very simple but effective route to identify your brand with 7 descriptive words. In this session, we take that baseline and put it in practice. Your brand personality should strongly influence and be consistent on your entire website. One of the

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How To Make Group Decisions Suck Less

Does this sound familiar? You’re working in a group, frustrated with the lack of progress; there are too many opinions, no clear leader or decision-maker. Do you think it would be easier if you called all the shots? Probably. But for projects like building a company website, the solution tends to be better in a

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