Binoculars on top of rock mountain at sunset. Analogy with web design and overlooking certain key elements in website optimization.

An Overlooked Gem in Website Design

Every website tells a story. Much like a captivating narrative, it demands specific elements and tools to engage your audience effectively. One powerful method is to showcase your organization’s impressive statistics in the website design. Often (and unfortunately), these invaluable insights are tucked away within emails, PDFs, or other inaccessible digital formats. By keeping them visible, you offer your audience a clear, concise visual that underscores your positive impact and potential. Recognizing that not everyone will read your entire website (and avoid text walls), visitors tend to scan first and focus on what grabs their attention. Presenting these statistics upfront bolsters your digital reputation and instills greater confidence in your offerings.

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Locker with chain close up with blurred green background and copy space.

Three of the Most Common Web Accessibility Issues… and how to fix them 🔑

Web accessibility has emerged as a prominent and trending topic for numerous organizations. When executed effectively, it has the potential to enhance your brand and expand your audience. At its core, web accessibility ensures equal access to information, fostering inclusivity rather than exclusivity. An accessible website offers several benefits: Avoidance of legal issues and potential

Three of the Most Common Web Accessibility Issues… and how to fix them 🔑 Read More »

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