The little connections.

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Spadefoot toads are one of the best barometers of a healthy environment. If the water is polluted, predators go missing, this balance is thrown off. As a result, physical mutations or die-offs occur. Lots of toads indicate a strong healthy environment (water, soil, etc.). These little connections are everywhere and critical to understanding the future of the ecosystem.

In a similar vein, our small businesses represent the health of our community. If they disappear, it’s a sign our balance is off. As they thrive, it’s a sign that we, as a whole, are doing well. I specialize in the small things, the detail that adds up to the bigger picture.

I’m a freelance digital designer located in Davis California. Detail-oriented with experience developing and executing complex digital media projects from conception to launch and support. My approach consists of 3 focus areas: web development, graphic design, and project management. Websites not only have to work well, but also the design has to deliver on your business goals and be deployed in a timely manner. 80% of my projects are from existing clients, which I attribute to the highly collaborative and effective process.

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Sweating the details, the difference between adequate service and exceptional service.
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Google Analytics 4 – Why should I care?

One of the bigger web changes coming at us in 2023 is Google Analytics 4 (GA4). It is one of the most popular analytics tools due to its powerful reporting capabilities, integration with other Google services such as ads, and last but not least it is free. In this article, I will give a brief

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Prepping Images For The Journey Ahead

Last weekend, we finally had a day to get outside. The weather forecast looked good, so we decided on a long day-hike with the kids. If you have ever gone on the trail for an extended amount of time or day hiked with kids, you know a little preparation goes a long way. Once out

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Why should I care about the footer?

A footer is the bottom section of your website, a component that typically receives the least amount of design attention. As the name implies, it’s not making the first impression (like the hero section) but in many cases, but it’s the last thing they see before they leave your site. Typically, this area is bare-bone

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