The little connections.

Spadefoot toads are one of the best barometers of a healthy environment. If the water is polluted, predators go missing, this balance is thrown off. As a result, physical mutations or die-offs occur. Lots of toads indicate a strong healthy environment (water, soil, etc.). These little connections are everywhere and critical to understanding the future of the ecosystem.

In a similar vein, our small businesses represent the health of our community. If they disappear, it’s a sign our balance is off. As they thrive, it’s a sign that we, as a whole, are doing well. I specialize in the small things, the detail that adds up to the bigger picture.

Tom snowshoeing in Tahoe

I’m a freelance digital designer located in Davis California. Detail-oriented with experience developing and executing complex digital media projects from conception to launch and support. My approach consists of 3 focus areas: web development, graphic design, and project management. Websites not only have to work well, but also the design has to deliver on your business goals and be deployed in a timely manner.

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Sweating the details, the difference between adequate service and exceptional service.

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